Data Protection Day 2024: “Entrepreneurs and New Technologies”


On January 26th, 2024, the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency marks the 18th consecutive celebration of Data Protection Day—an annual event dedicated to promoting awareness of the fundamental human right to the protection of personal data and privacy.

On 26 April 2006 the Council of Europe decided to launch a Data Protection Day to be celebrated each year on 28 January, the date on which the Council of Europe’s data protection convention, known as “Convention 108”, was opened for signature. Data Protection Day is now celebrated globally and is called Privacy Day outside Europe.

In honor of this momentous occasion, the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency is hosting a conference titled “Entrepreneurs and New Technologies,” designed primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises. The conference is scheduled for January 26th, 2024, at the Ericsson Nikola Tesla, located at Krapinska 45, Zagreb.

This year’s European Data Protection Day is particularly noteworthy as it introduces “Olivia,” a web tool crafted as a virtual teacher and assistant for GDPR compliance. Entrepreneurs can leverage this tool to grasp their fundamental obligations, assess their knowledge, and generate essential documents showcasing compliance with personal data protection regulations.

Recognizing that small and medium-sized enterprises often face challenges in meeting the financial and human resources required for data protection compliance, the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency together with partners Garante Privacy, Faculty of Organisation and Informatics, Vrije University Brussels and University of Florence, implements the EU funded project ARC II (Awareness Raising Campaign for SMEs). This project aims to bolster understanding of GDPR obligations among small and medium-sized enterprises. As part of this initiative, the Agency, in collaboration with partners, is developing the “Olivia” tool—a free and accessible resource tailored to the specific needs of smaller businesses.

In this initial project phase, Olivia comprises seven modules that are continually improving. We invite you to explore the functionalities currently offered by Olivia at

During the first segment of the European Data Protection Day event, participants will be able to test Olivia’s new features and seek guidance from mentors who are experts in data protection. The modules cover a range of topics, including principles of personal data processing, data protection impact assessment, records of processing activities, organizational measures, video surveillance, controller-processor relationship, and data subject’s rights.

The second segment of the event will showcase a panel discussion on the exciting opportunities presented by Artificial Intelligence. Attendees will gain insights into how AI-driven technological innovations can enhance business operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. However, the discussion will also address potential risks associated with these innovations that may compromise personal data protection, privacy, and other human rights.

Participation in this event is complimentary and exclusively reserved for micro, small, medium-sized entrepreneurs and craftsmen.



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