The most important role of the Agency is to ensure that private organisations and public bodies are complying with the data protection legislation. Along with this role, the Agency has also responsibility to inform and educate data controllers, data protection officers, representatives of the state and local administration and all citizens about their rights and obligations arising from the GDPR.

Agency is managing a range of activities for all stakeholders, such as educational sessions (education, conferences, expert meetings, workshops, lectures) and occasional events with an aim to raise and strengthen public awareness on the importance of personal data and privacy protection. Since 2016 Agency has established intensive cooperation with numerous institutions regarding educational activities in the public and private sector: economy, health, education, tourism and financial sector.

In addition, in the period 2017- 2019, the Agency has made educational movie and 14 promotional videos, published brochures and leaflets and developed mobile applications “GDPR on the palm of your hand” and “Safety on the Internet”.

Worth mentioning is also the awareness-raising campaign in  the period 2017-2018 and conference titled “Modernization of legislation on personal data protection – New powers and more accountability”. The conference highlighted that the biggest change and challenge that GDPR brings for the Agency is the power to issue administrative fines, the power that the Agency did not have according to the Act on Personal Data Protection.

Since children and young people are recognized as the most vulnerable group of society which merit specific attention, the Agency continuously maintains education and interactive workshops for elementary and high school students.

Along with previously mentioned ongoing activities, the Agency organizes numerous awareness raising activities such as conferences (“Prevention and intervention: protection of children’s personal data“, “General Data Protection Regulation – Challenge and Opportunity”) and has produced educational movie “Who is messing with my data?”.



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